Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Only the BEST Mothers' Day EVER!

I had the best Mothers' Day this year... I woke up to the sound of my children whispering "Happy Mothers' Day, Momma" while standing almost literally TWO inches away from my face, still sporting their morning breath... from my wonderful wakeup, we moved onto an Ethan Frawley original play... he wrote it and performed it with his brother and Daddy. It was a beautiful story about a horse who was lost in the woods and nearly attacked by a dinosaur and a bear. Very heartwarming. They acted it out with stuffed animals and Clayton even drew the "forest" on an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper for the backdrop. I've never been so proud. After the show, I was showered with gifts... several hand-drawn cards with sweet sentiments like:

Happy Mothers' Day Momma. I will try to be better in school. Clayton.


Dear Mom, Thank you for cooking dinner and taking me to school every day.
Love, Clayton Frawley

and beautiful poems like:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Candy is Sweet
and so are You.

P.S. I love you

Love, Ethan

I also received a COVETED gift card for Michaels. I would have loved to have a gift card for an online stamp designer instead (like Magnolia Stamps or Stamping Bella or Treehouse Stamps or My Favorite Things or even Hannah Stamps... but hubby wasn't into the whole "spend money online instead of going into a store"... oh well... My birthday is in July, so maybe then... until then, I guess I'll have to drag myself into Michael's... LOL - j/k.
After we were done with gifts, we all got dressed and went to breakfast (more like brunch b/c it was so late in the morning) at the Moose Lodge. It was nice. After that, we went back home and I took Anette a spice rack that I had sanded down, painted & decorated for her to hold 14 jars worth of embellishments. I found it at a thrift store and couldn't resist a SUPER bargain!
So after I got home from dropping her little gift off, I decided to take a nap... with no guilt. It was great! When I woke up, we went to dinner at the Outback and again, it was superb! I had such a great Mothers' day.
PennyO sent me the beautiful card you see below. It came on Monday, so my Mothers' Day was extended. Thanks Penny... I love you girl!
Anette gave me two new bellas... and I've already inked em up. She also made me a card using a Cuttlebug embossing folder... It's a pic of a crown and under it says "...for a day" the inside says "stamp away." You can't really tell in the pic below, but the crown is outlined in glitter.
So, what did you do/get for Mothers' Day?
I hope all the mothers out there know how truly special they are... you are the only one that can do your job as well as you do.
Come back soon... I'll be posting again later.
God Bless!


Debbie Yates said...

I miss you guys sooo much - you always make me laugh! I'll see you in 10 days......I love you!

Oh yeah, you rblog looks great - I love the additions of the "buttons"...

Chris said...

sounds like your day was great...so was mine. i always get to buy unlimited flowers for my beds outside..and i am most happy with that!!

Latisha said...

what a cute mother's day picture...the stinky feet part made me laugh.

Whimsey said...

What a fabulous Mother's Day!!! Gotta love that morning breath! LOL

Michele - SBS10

Chrissy said...

Sounds like your day was great... I loved seeing ur messages :-D Our Mother Days is on a different day in the UK, earlier in the year..

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