Friday, April 11, 2008

Sleeping Beauty & a few interesting links...

The other day, Anette's daughter, Catherine called me and asked me to help her make a card for her college professor who taught her CNA class that she graduated from Thursday. (Way to Go Catherine!) So we sat down in my stamp room and started creating... I'll have to post a picture later, because the ding-bat that I am, I forgot to take one... but I made the same card for a special someone in my life, and as soon as they get it, I'll ask for a picture to post here.
While Catherine and I were busy being creative in my stamp room, just outside the door, in the hallway, my sleeping beauty made herself comfortable in the hallway after pitching a fit because it was bed time. I had to capture the cutie on film (after she was asleep) to be a part of my "Classic Kailynn" page that I've been working on. She does this a few times per week. I know, I'm creating a monster by letting her do it, but I'd rather fight over more important things, like peeing in the potty rather than her panties or the importance of taking a bath and brushing her teeth... the way I look at it, at least she's sleeping, right?

I also wanted to share a few links with you... some cool things I've recently discovered.

  1. Chris has added a few new scrapbooking & card sketches to her gallery...

  2. Kristen & Ashley have some new stamps coming out over at Treehouse Stamps (along with the opportunity for FREE shipping and a FREE stamp set! Check them out!

  3. Pat Huntoon over at The Technique Trail is offering up a free stamp set if you enter by 11:59am TODAY!

  4. If you're up for a challenge, checkout Tag You're It! for a weekend Tag Challenge.

  5. Allison's looking for some partners to help pick up the slack when she's too busy to update us... check her out...

  6. Biblical Expressions is offering FREE SHIPPING to all US & Canadian orders through the month of April!

badeee badeee badeee's all folks!

Have a wonderful day!

God Bless,



Debbie Yates said...

She makes up such a cute little bed for you said - at least she's sleeping!!!!

Joyful said...

Oh, that's a hoot! She's so cute!

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