Thursday, February 28, 2008


Good Question... I have been inundated with life! Last week, I spent all my extra time planning the Blue and Gold Banquet for my boys' cub scout pack. It was a big hit and it really ran pretty smoothly. I had lots of help from a few key people who are involved in the pack, so I got to share the responsibility and it really made it much easier. They say "More hands make for a lighter load", and this is certainly true in this case!
On top of the Blue and Gold Banquet, my husband, Brandon, injured his knee last week and has been "hobbling" around trying to keep up his day-to-day activities... He gets around, but he's not as efficient as he usually is... poor guy! This past Sunday, I taught Sunday School, and then came home and attempted to create my swap cards for two swaps that I have signed up for. Sara over at is hosting a Welcome Spring Swap... the only rules are that we make a full card, include an envelope, sign the back, and make the cards "springy." Easy, right?
Not so much.
Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am not a good decision maker when it comes to more than two choices... Give me three and I'll be there all day trying to decide which option to choose... When these swaps came up, I jumped all over them... and I did that before I really thought about it... I am having a really hard time coming up with two cards! This should be easy, right?
Not so much.
I've got to get them done tonight, and I have an idea for one of them, but it's not "complete" yet... I don't have a clue on the second one... any suggestions? stamp sets... colors... layouts... sketches... ANYTHING???
"Why do I have to get them done tonight?", you might ask... Well, I am scheduled for Oral surgery tomorrow morning to yank out my final two wisdom teeth... and I'm not being put under. I'll be as awake as a bluebird on a warm spring morning...and No, I'm not looking forward to it. I don't think I'll be up for much stamping after my surgery, so I need to get them done and in the mail beforehand.
So that's where I've been... busy busy busy... I thought things were supposed to calm down after the Christmas season ended... I guess that's what I get for thinking, right? ;)

Updates on the rest of the family:
Granna is still in the hospital, and they have determined that she did not have a stroke, but a siezure, instead. She continues to have siezures and the doctors do not know what is causing them. They are planning to keep her in the hospital until they figure it out.
Aunt Sandra is still in ICU (3 hours south of the hospital that Granna is in). The doctors there want to refer her out to a specialist so that she can be better monitored and have care tailored to her illnesses. One problem, though... there haven't been any doctors willing to take her as a patient, as she is not able to pay for her care. Please pray that someone will step up and help her.
Kailynn Grace still has a broken elbow, but it doesn't seem to bother her much. She has taken her splint off a few times (when she wasn't supposed to) to scratch an itch, but we quickly put it back on so that she doesn't re-injure her elbow. Good news is that the conjunctivitis has passed and she is back in school. She has started with a wet cough, though... I hope it doesn't progress into anything else.
Brandon went to the doctor yesterday to see about his knee and they are referring him out to a physical therapist... that oughtta be fun... He is doing better than he was a week ago. It still hurts a lot, but he's hangin' in there!
I will update as soon as I feel up to it to tell you what my swap cards look like and to let you know how I'm doing with my mouth surgery... I hope it goes well... the next step is to get a couple fillings and then on to a retainer... eventually on to braces... (can't wait for that... can you sense the sarcasm?)

Until next time...


Michelle said...

Hi Sara - boy, I sure can see why you have meen MIA! Really! It's such a great feeling when something you've been involved in planning runs so well - Congrats to you & your team for what sounds like lots of fun! Bet the boys appreciated all your work. All the best for your surgery tomorrow. Take it easy, and make sure you get some pampering yourself.
God bless!
Michelle SBS10

Debbie Yates said...

Have faith - your surgery will go well, you will feel very little pain, you will sleep and your wonderful husband will handle my darling grandbabies! Can you see me standing here in red glitterry shoows tapping my heels together???
I love you -

Rochelle W said...

Sara, Welcome back! Sorry to hear about all the illness and bumps and bruises with the family. I will keep them all in my prayers.
Rochelle SBS10

crazy4mycrafts said...

Ohhh Sara, I hope things start settling down for you soon! If you get a chance, email me with your physical address.. sounds like you need something to perk you up!! Sending prayers for you!
sbs10 Sarah

Latisha said...

My son just had his Blue and Gold Banquet last week too. Glad to hear things are starting to quiet down a little bit in your neck of the woods.

Chrissy said...

Wow, so much happening for you....and some of it sounds pretty traumatic. Big hugs and Take care and I hope all goes well with your mouth surgery. It WILL all be worth it in the end - truly :-)

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